Integrate Security into your development workflow.

Detect vulnerabilities when you develop/deploy/launch your application with Shieldfy automated security workflow.

Code Analysis


On      Push/Pull Request

Run    Code Analysis

Status : On Progress

Meet Shieldfy Workflow

Integrate security into every step of your development cycle.

Code security analysis

Analyze your code for security issues and vulnerabililites , It can be triggered with each push & pull request you made.

Security scanner

Launch specific attacks against your dev/staging/qa environment to test your code security in the production-like environment as a real hacker.

Production security monitor

Shieldfy SDK works on your production to monitor your users/visitors and interactions with your code to spot hackers and any production threat.

Flexible notifications

With our workflow you can customize notification to be sent to specific member based on his commits and/or based on stage and threat level.

Work seamlessly with your existing workflow